Zoning Case 05-28T / Parcel 12

Zoning Case 05-28T / Parcel 12

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Summary: A 12 story office tower located on Kenilworth Terrace at the corner of Burnham Pl. City Interests goal is to lease this building to a Federal Agency (Although this seems unlikely in the current administration we should still take this project very seriously). Will have 455,864 sq ft of office space and 7,171 sq ft of ground floor retail. Will have either 150 above ground parking spaces on the first floor or 250 Above ground spaces. Parking counts to be determined by federal contract.


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Zoning Commission Documents Available Here



Shadow studies need to be performed for all projects.


How many people are expected to work in a building of this size?


What happens to this space if a GSA tenant is not secured in the current round of RFPs? How long is City Interests willing to wait for other opportunities to present themselves?


What is the anticipated transportation mode share for this project? What are mode shares like at similar federal office buildings elsewhere in the region?


Can you provide more information on how loading will be accommodated on Kenilworth Terrace?


What are the anticipated consequences of creating an alley between Kenilworth Terrace and Kenilworth Avenue. I can see this being used heavily for cut through traffic. What features would you be willing to implement to prevent cut throughs?


The stage 1 PUD approved a total of 750,000 sq ft for all the projects on this parcel. This proposal lists this building as 500,000 sq ft. If a similar sized building were placed next door this would be a 25% increase in floor space but with approximately 25% of the parking of the original? Am I reading this correctly?