Parkside Civic Association Developer Meet and Greet

Parkside Civic Association Developer Meet and Greet

On October 8th, 2015 The Parkside Civic Association held a community meet and greet with a number of the developers working in the neighborhood. This meeting consisted of short presentations by the developers followed by smaller breakout sessions. These notes have been drawn up from the conversations held at each of the three tables.

1.     K. Hovnanian Breakout Table

K. Hovnanian presented on townhomes they're currently building ( as part of this master plan.

K. Hovnanian is building 100 townhomes in the Parkside Neighborhood. The townhomes range in cost from $371,000 to $407,000 today (October 21) (up from $369,000 and $404,000 at the time of the meeting on October 8)

Question: What is the timeline for construction?

Answer: The 1st Phase will be completed in June 2016.

Question: What time does construction begin?

Answer: Construction is scheduled 6am to 4pm

Questions: Residents are concerned about hours of construction and asking that K. Hovnanian can be a friendly neighbor. (Issued raised three times)

  • Parking issues and cleanup on Foote and Barnes
  • More communication needed
  • DCHA Enforcement issues

Questions: What Affordable Housing Options will be available? (Asked twice)


  • HPAP, EHAP, Closing Doors
  • ADU (Affordable Dwelling Unit) Income ranges between $58,000 and $104,000 to qualify. Minimum of two occupants.

Question: HOA (Home Owner Association) Concerns. How will HOA fees be handled before property is sold?

Answer: At Closing, new owners will pay a portion of the HOA Dues.

Question: The Barnes Street NE Bus stop for Victory Square moved temporarily until construction ends. When will it come back?

Answer: When the sidewalks are completed.

Question: How many units have been sold?

Answer: 39 in the first phase (as of the writing)


2.     City Interests Breakout Table

City Interests talked about their Parkside master plan ( which had some discussion on retail at Parkside site. Interestingly enough, it looks like they are getting ready to conduct some surveys and focus groups on retail. City Interests also spoke about an apartment building ( that's currently under construction as part of this plan.

City Interests is the development manager representing the landowners of the Parkside PUD (Planned Unit Development), Lano Parcel 12 LLC and Parkside Residential LLC. City Interests played an important role in the development of the Chavez PCHS Parkside Campus, The Unity Healthcare Building, Educare early childhood center and The Victory Square Senior Apartments. They developed the Green at Parkside park and have partnered with Gilbane Development Company to develop the Grove at Parkside, a 186 unit apartment building currently under construction. City Interests is managing the development of the remaining 10 acres of vacant land at Parkside.


Question: What sort of stores, retail and services will be provided by the retail portion of the project? (Asked four times).

Residents asked for specific grocery stores such as Wegmans, Giant, Target (including mini Targets). Other residents specifically mentioned they wanted a BIG store.


  • City Interests is working with a retail broker to design a retail interest survey which will be used to gather the community’s retail preferences. City Interests will also hold a retail focus group consisting of Parkside residents.  They collected names for these at the meeting. Information on the survey and the focus group will be distributed through the community listserv.
  • To secure the right retail, the neighborhood needs more rooftops (more residents). In addition to population data, retailers analyze other demographic information such as resident and visitor income levels, education levels, estimated population growth, travel patterns, retail supply and demand, among other metrics Retailers are beginning to get more interested in the area now that development at Parkside  is further along.
  • CityInterests is working with a retail broker to present Parkside at industry events such as the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) conferences in New York, Las Vegas and the Washington, DC area. City Interests has held tours of the site with potential retailers and is increasingly receiving positive feedback.


Question: How can we handle potential congestion and car dependence in the community? (asked three times)


  • A second route is needed to move vehicular traffic to and from Benning Road. City Interests agrees and suggests that the community request that DDOT, other city agencies and the Councilmember come out to the community to inform residents on the issue.
  • City Interests will be conducting additional traffic studies with each subsequent development project proposed for the site. Previous studies conducted indicated that there is sufficient capacity to support vehicular traffic within the neighborhood footprint.
  • DDOT needs to adjust the timing of lights at the Nannie Helen Borroughs Intersection to benefit residents instead of commuters. City Interests suggests that the community request that DDOT and other appropriate city agencies come out to the community to inform residents on the issue.
  • City Interests has put up $3 million towards the construction of a new Parkside Pedestrian Bridge to be built by DDOT to supplement the existing bridge and service the development DDOT intends to advertise the project for contractor bidding in Spring 2016.

Question: How has City Interests approached the parking situation in the community?

Answer: All new residential construction in the Parkside PUD will have access to on-site (off street) parking, either in an underground or above ground parking garage. The Grove at Parkside will provide 1 parking space per 3 residential units. Retail spaces will have parking spaces as determined by DC law. The District has reduced parking requirements for new construction in an attempt to reduce car usage and vehicular traffic.  

Question: What about the construction problems we're having in the community? We seem to have a lack of notification when things are happening, there's lots of early morning construction and detours to   for the U5/U6 Bus route. (Asked three times)

Answer: (Regarding the busses) The community should have WMATA come out to the community to discuss the problems caused by the bus detour.

City Interests and Gilbane Development Company have presented at ANC and Civic Association meetings to inform Parkside residents of impending construction.  City Interests is sensitive to community concerns; Construction crews are working as efficiently as they can in order to shorten the overall construction period and minimize disturbance.


3.     Telesis Breakout Table

Lastly Telesis Corporation ( presented on planned landscape renovations at Paradise Apartments, The conditions at the Circle 7 convenience store located on Kenilworth Ave and Hayes and a possible replacement.

Note: Telesis is the developer that built the original Parkside Townhomes in 1994 and redeveloped the Paradise Apartments in the late 1980's. They currently own Paradise Apartments and the Circle 7 convenience store.

Question: What is Telesis' vision for the future of the Circle 7 site?

Answer: A mixed use building with retail on the ground floor and housing above. There is no set timeline for new construction.

Question: Will there be job opportunities for this site?

Answer: The developer expects to include the community in this. They indicate that they used lots of local labor in their previous projects in the community.

Question: Can Telesis partner with Bethesda New Life Gospel Church?

Question: Will there be a Community Benefits Agreement?

Answer: Potentially, we expect to work with the community from very early in the process.

Question/Issue: “I hate Circle 7”

Multiple issues were raised

  • Expired food
  • Very little fresh food
  • The aisles are too narrow
  • The milk is sour
  • The food is rotting
  • The staff is unfriendly and they have people follow customers around the store.
  • The prices are high.
  • They only accept cash.
  • There's always litter on the ground (two comments)
  • The building is in poor shape.

Solutions/Requests from the community for future services on the site

  • Shared or Co-working space
  • Mixed use
  • Fitness center or a gym. How about a Planet Fitness?
  • Grocery Store (Trader Joe's?)
  • Bank
  • Starbucks
  • A playground or play area for kids?